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Creative Director / Photographer:
Karin Rosie Viilup, @rozarosie
Models: Karmen Viilup, @karmen_viilup; 
Heddi-Loore Ots, @heddi_loore; Lilia Kivi, @liliakivi,
Sandra Aulik, @auliksandra; Genert Allikmaa, @chenert_ 

 A project inspired by the sacred and enchanted nature of Saaremaa, Estonia. Shot during the first covid summer on 2020.

When the first ever lockdown started on 2020, none of us could really predict how long and mentally draining those next 2 years are going to be. 

As the Creative Director of this project, Rosie, was doing her 2nd year at uni, this situation affected her enormously. All the facilities were shut, Rosie’s friends left the country to stay with their families, which meant she was left on her own in their Southampton house.

 Being constantly alone, plus having to stay in Southampton when the most bautiful summer was happening outside, devastastated Rosie.

 Her tickets to Estonia got cancelled 4 times so when she eventually made it back home, Rosie realized how much she loves Estonian pure nature.

 These editorial stories are inspired by old Estonian myths, and photos got taken on Rosie’s home island Saaremaa. This project is introducing that unknow beautiful land to anyone who hadn’t heard about it before and makes you want to visit it next summer.


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