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Creative Director/Photographer/Make-Up:
Karin Rosie Viilup, @rozarosie
Assistant: Zowie Alexander, @zowie.alexander
Models: Miguel Dragunov, @_dragunovvv_;
Rogerio Morgado da Cruz, @rogeriomcruzz
Momentum - a mental shift that can be a force for change in your everyday life

Momentum, when applied to ideas of motivation, enables you to start thinking clearly, see that your goals are reachable, and find a sense of purpose, power, and direction.

 Learning how to build momentum is, therefore, one of the first steps to finding success in life. Make a commitment to  yourself to take one step closer to your goals. Nothing will change without a commitment to break away from your norm.

 At the point of momentum is validation that what you're doing is already working. Momentum is a confirmation from whatever god you worship that you're on your way and you just have to stick with it. Imagine having that sort of certainty in your life and work.


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