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   Heart of a City           Heart of a City           Heart of a City           Heart of a City           Heart of a City           Heart of a City      

Creative Director / Photographer / Sculptor:
Karin Rosie Viilup, @rozarosie
Assistant: Anna Roubickova, @a_roubickova
 A project created for a Tate x UNIQLO competition The Spirit of London.

The name London has been derived from the Celtic word ‘Londinous’ which means to be bold. A Londoner today must definitely be courageous and assertive to succeed in this busy and ever-growing city. Aforementioned is being showcased via golden/metallic sculptures where chosen colour scheme helps to communicate the idea of fearlessness.

However, the concept behind the sculptures is based around multiple ideas. Shape wise, the main design is trying to replicate a human heart.
Every following shot of the sculpture shows a bit different angle of the ‘heart’ which reveals how intricate a city can be, constantly evolving and changing.  Also, the life in London never stops, just like a heart that constantly keeps beating, no matter if it is night or day, Sunday or Thursday, awake or asleep.

These sculptures are currently for sale! if interested please drop me an email to rosieviilup@gmail.com, or send me a message on Instagram @rozarosie.


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