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                            The Blood of a Pandemic                         The Blood of a Pandemic

Creative Director: Karin Rosie Viilup, @rozarosie
Stylist: Kristin Liias, @kristinliias
Photographer: Marianna Gunja, @noxdies
MUA: Katarina, @ionkate, Katarina, @dragunov_makeup
Models: Helgi Saldo, @helgi_saldo;
Martin, @nokupiim;  Regor Fotso, @regor.fotso
Paul Paank, @paul_paankMia Moore, @wabimiasabi
Ksenja Satarova, @kcuu69; Aleksandr Kuznetsov, @yungsaisho
 An editorial inspired by the surreal 20th-century movie classic The Blood of a Poet.

 The Blood of a Poet is directed by Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) who was a French poet, novelist, designer, artist, critic and movie director. He’s been considered one of the greatest multi-talents in the art field of the 20th century.  The Blood of a Poet is a biographical movie reflecting upon events that took place in Cocteau’s life, showcases his own private mythology on the world of imagination and it visualises people who influenced him in the most profound and intimate way.

 In Cocteau’s movie, the protagonist travels into a bizarre hotel through a mirror where he starts peeking through the keyholes of the doors in the corridor. Every room he looks into has something eerie, even slightly disturbing happening in it.

 The editorial story begins fairly similarly, however, instead of travelling to a hotel, the protagonist has travelled to a pandemic world. In every room there is a leisure activity happening that people started doing more often during the pandemic and lockdowns, for instance using OnlyFans; youngsters who lost their job are seeking help from sugar daddies; losing the sense of time whilst spending time in the VR world.

 This project is aiming to make people relate to its content as we all lived in a pandemic world for over 2 years which feels as surreal as the movie The Blood of a Poet.

 The Blood of a Poet editorial was created for an online publication Häppening, a link can be seen here: Häppening.


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